The Charm of Tukad Melangit Valley, Antugan Bangli

New tourist destinations that you must visit when vacationing in Bali.

One of them is Tukad Melangit Valley which is now much talked by the public for its beauty. In social media such as Instagram, Path, Line and Facebook, much people share photo at Lembah Tukad Melangit, Jehem Village, Antugan Bangli. 

To enjoy the attraction

There is stage house is equipped with an elongated runway structure like a diving board beautiful swimming pool, which jutted into the middle of the valley. Visitors are not subject to levy or admission. Only boxes available for voluntary donations are available. In the location is not available toilets. The reason is because the object is only about a month visited by many tourists. Therefore, there is still much that needs to be arranged and addressed. Most of those who came to take a selfie with the backdrop of a steep but charming view of the valley.

To reach the valley of Tukad Melangit in Banjar Antugan, Jehem

It is not far away. From the city of Bangli to the east towards Tembuku Sub-district. Arriving at the intersection of Jehem, north straight as far as 3 kilometers, arrived at the location. From the roadside Antugan, to the west about 50 meters.


The Charm of Tukad Melangit Valley, Antugan Bangli