Where The Most Favorite Horse Riding Tours In Bali?

For those of you who like to enjoy the natural scenery while riding horse. I will inform you the most favorite place to riding horse in Bali. The most favorite horse riding tours is on Saba Beach, a coastal area located in Gianyar Regency, black sand beaches, beautiful nature, calm atmosphere, presenting a different atmosphere, when you are saturated with the hustle and bustle, Saba beach will be able to provide a sense of relaxation in enjoying the tour with family Or Beloved couple Saba’s beachfront natural atmosphere that supports this makes it an ideal choice to follow the horse riding activity in Bali. Horseback riding, while relaxing to enjoy the natural surroundings or you can race it faster with the ability to guide a guide who is ready to accompany this tour.

Horse Riding Tour Activities In Saba Beach

Almost every day, horse riding activity in Bali is never empty and mostly done by foreign tourists. Then what about domestic tourists? For domestic tourists, horse riding activity will be crowded during school holidays and “Idul Fitri” holiday season. In addition to following the horse riding activity, domestic tourists also love the holiday to.
For those of you who have frequent holidays to Bali, surely you want to get a new experience in the holidays to Bali. One of the activities that will give you a new experience while on vacation in Bali is horse riding activity. When you follow the horse riding activity, you will explore nature with a rustic atmosphere. In addition, you can also see the views of the expanse of Rice fields, and browse the coast from the top of the horse. Horse riding trips on the beach of Saba Bali is coupled with lunch, so after enjoying a tour while riding enjoy the coastal area away from this air pollution at the end of the event you are invited to enjoy lunch. Horse riding activities are also preferred by children, if you are on vacation with family and children, then this activity they must enjoy, this trip about 10 miles will not feel tiring.

Before tourists take a horse-riding tour on the beach of Saba Gianyar, the guide will provide explanations on how to ride a horse, safety and safety procedures. For those of you who are first horseback riding, there will certainly be a fear of horseback riding. Inform the guide that you have no experience in horseback riding. Guides will be happy to pick the most easily controlled horses for beginners, and will always be on your side during horseback riding.
Once everything is ready, the horse-riding activity on Saba beach begins. By tracing the Saba beaches that have black sand, you will feel a different sensation by riding on the highway. In addition to viewing the beach, on the beach Saba there are many boats owned by the local community that will make the beach look different impressed.
After passing the beach, the guide will drive you through the rice fields, past the bamboo plantation area and the mainland is full of Rice fields.


Saba Beach is located in Saba Village, Blahbatuh Gianyar Regency. If you depart from Kuta beach resort area, will travel time for 1 hour with distance of 30 kilometer.

Where The Most Favorite Horse Riding Tours In Bali?

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