Trunyan Cemetery: Village Of The Skull In Bali

Trunyan Village Cemetery In Bali

“Taru” meaning ‘put’ and “Menyan” meaning ‘kemenyan'(nice smell). Bali is a big place, it must have been incredible. “Trunyan” village is located deep in the center of Bali, nestled beside a crater lake and mount “Batur”, and is quite hard to get to. That is one of the coolest and creepiest places. 

You can imagine how the stench is generated from the corpse. But make no mistake, here you will not smell the stench from the body. Because in “Trunyan” Village cemetery there is a big tree named “Taru Menyan” that grows thick at the entrance of the cemetery. This tree is believed to be able to remove the bad smell caused by the corpse. According to legend, “Taru Menyan” tree was once smelled until the “Keraton” Solo, which is a distance of hundreds of kilometers from Bali. Because of the fragrance, four brothers from the Solo Palace tried to find the source. Up to four brothers comprised of one woman and three boys were willing to wade through the land until the ferocious seas to find the source of the odor. In the end they arrived at “Trunyan” Village and found the source of the very fragrant smell. Where the fragrant smell is sourced from a big tree called “Taru Menyan”
But after finding the source of the fragrance, the eldest brother of the four brothers were in love with a goddess who became a tree guard “Taru Menyan”. Not long after, the elder brother finally married the goddess. After marriage, there was a small kingdom located just beside “Lake Batur”, where the tree grew. Although the goddess has been married, but the tree “Taru Menyan” still continue to smell very fragrant. For fear of being attacked by another kingdom because of the fragrant odor of the tree “Taru Menyan”, the King ordered the royal population to remove the scent by laying some corpses right under the tree. The way it was successful, because the tree “Taru Menyan” already did not remove the smell of perfume and the corpse under the tree also did not give off a bad smell.

Now, we can visit the cemetery and see death face to face. There are 11 exposed graves beside the famous tree. The people living here are the descendants of the original “Balinese” people called “Aga”, and both the village and the tree derive their name from their language.

Trunyan Cemetery: Village Of The Skull In Bali

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