Jembong Weterfall – Hidden Beauty and Freshness water should you try

What You Find?

Jembong waterfall sounds less beautiful and you’ve probably never heard before. Jembong waterfall is not yet widely known. However, do not under estimate first! Unlike the name suggests, the waterfall is located in the village of Ambengan, Sukasada District, Buleleng regency, is very beautiful and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali. For us, Waterfall Jembong is the second most beautiful waterfall in Bali after Sekumpul waterfall.

Unlike the other waterfalls in Bali who are in high cliffs that stand, Jembong Waterfall on the plains / sloping land, with a slope of more than 75 degrees. So the impression is not creepy. This waterfall is in the cocoa / cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is lush and beautiful. To achieve Jembong Falls, you do not bother to go up and down stairs, but just need a little hike in the rocky path between cacao trees at the edge of a small river.

Under the Waterfall Jembong there is a very clear pond with a depth of about one meter. You can take a shower and play as much water in the ponds. The water was cold and clear, very tempting anyone to bathe there. I did not miss the opportunity to bathe in the ponds. Together with local residents, I enjoy at Waterfall Jembong couse freshness. It feels very nice to bathe and play in the water under the waterfall is very beautiful and unspoiled, undisturbed presence of other visitors. Ambengan village junction. Jembong Waterfall, located about 4 km from this junction.

jembong 3


Jembong waterfall was located in the Jembong Ambengan Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng regency. The distance is about 15 km from Area Tourism Bedugul or 65 km from Denpasar. From Waterfall Gitgit distance is only about 8 miles. From Denpasar, point your vehicle towards Bedugul / Singaraja. After passing Bedugul tourism area, continue your journey towards Gitgit / Singaraja. About 4 km after Gitgit Waterfall, you’ll see a T-junction with a sharp bend to the left. Turn to the left and follow the road as far as 4 km, and you will arrive at Jembong waterfall. You can visit Jembong after visiting Gitgit waterfall because it is only about 8 miles from Gitgit waterfall.


Jembong Weterfall – Hidden Beauty and Freshness water should you try

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