Soka Beach – Like a Princess with Natural Beauty


Soka beach is a tourist place in Bali and beautiful natural landscape to save of legends that became a tourist attraction. Soka Beach was located at Antap Village, Selemadeg District, Tabanan Regency. Tourist attractions in Bali is located alongside the main road Denpasar – Gilimanuk. Distance of approximately 56 km from Denpasar. On the west coast of Soka there is a bat cave, called Bulung Cave. Above of Bulung Cave are Pura Luhur Serijong which is above the cliffs. Beside it there is a rock surrounded by the sea and the estuary where the rock is called Payuk Kebo Iwa, Payuk means pot or skillet. According to legend Kebo Iwa is Patih giant and the pot used for cooking.


What are you find?

Shelled west coast of Soka Beach, there are many rocks that many people use for fishing saltwater fish. Soka Beach is also commonly used by Hindus in Bali to celebrate the feast of one of them during the holidays Sarasawati. On the feast of the Hindus in Bali gathered on the beach to do some ritual offerings. Surrounding communities had gathered since night event and this does not happen every month so we suggest you bring your camera to capture the events of the feast on the Soka beach.


Soka beach has its own exoticism. Colour black sand due to very high mineral content generated by the rocks so that some of them have gold content, in contrast to the white sand beach which is produced by small grain limestone. The beach with black sand is also more moist than the white sand beach. The beach with black sand is widely available in the islands of Hawaii, Maui, Alaska, California and Iceland and are on the beach in Bali, Indonesia is Soka Beach.

Soka Beach – Like a Princess with Natural Beauty

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