Beauty of Jagasatru Waterfall


Jagasatru Waterfall was located in Pateh, Duda East Village, Selat District, Karangasem, Bali-Indonesia. Not all potentially places become a tourist attraction in Bali is known widely among travelers. Jagasatru Waterfall is one of the attractions that have the potential, but unfortunately can not be maximized as well. Whereas Jagasatru waterfall is no less beauty and naturalness than other waterfalls in the area of Buleleng.


What you Find?

Jagasatru waterfall has a height of about 40 meters and the existence the  plains flanked by two steep cliffs. Both cliffs was overwhelmed by the great vegetation and it is possible for those not familiar would consider this place haunted. Apparent naturalness and clarity of the waterfall would be witnessed when his direct you toward this Jagasatru. However, as mentioned earlier, dear thousand this attraction is not managed and maximized by the local authorities so that the progress is not too significant.

The fact is though Jagasatru Waterfall has been around a long time, but not many people know of the existence let alone beauty. There are many factors that make famous attraction Jagasatru Waterfall has not maximized, one of which is its location which is somewhat difficult to reach. However, it’s been rather a lot of foreign tourists who already know and even a visit to Jagasatru Waterfall.

View in Jagasatru similar to the beauty of  Git-Git Waterfall who had first known and visited by the tourists. Jagasatru Waterfall has a strong spiritual aura that most people think that the waterfall area is more suitable if developed into a tourist attraction spiritual. So that in addition to see the natural beauty in Jagasatru, can also meditate or meditation; get closer to nature.

Beauty of Jagasatru Waterfall

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