Bloo Lagoon Beach – Knowlage, Life Existence Under Water And Relaxation Should You Try

Will Be Find On…

Bloo lagoon beach are located in Padangbai, Manggis District, Karangasem Regency, Bali Island. Not difficult to reach the Bloo Lagoon Beach, coused the beach bloo lagoon was located in the port area of the Padang Bai Harbour. In this area there are three beaches that you can enjoy, including Padang Bai Beach, Bloo Lagoon beach and bias Tugel beach. Beauty shades of green and blue and crystal clear water beaches.

From Denpasar or Kuta to the Bloo Lagoon Beach you can take approximately 1.5-hour, direct your vehicle toward karangasem or Padang Bai Harbour, follow the main road to get there, road and vehicles tend to be quiet condition, but remain cautious on the trip. After that you will be enter the Padang Bai Beach and Bloo Lagoon Beach area was crowded foreign tourists because here is famous for diving and snorkeling spots. There is a place to learn diving if you want to learn diving.

Activity Shoud You Do

This beach is not too broad and tend to be quiet, but it is a favorite of foreign tourists beach. If you whose hobby underwater, here was you found a small paradise to vent your hobby. You can snorkeling or diving, snorkeling equipment rental is widely available and the price is quite cheap. In the sea fairly calm and clear water, snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon Beach can be done comfortably.
Bloo Lagoon Beach on the coast we can meet murray, morish idol, fish, cows, and sometimes turtles and even a shark reef (reef shark).
When choppy, visibility is approximately 1-3 meters. It is advisable to snorkel in this place when the tide was subsides to avoid the rather strong current location is coused the Badung Strait.

For those of you who do not like underwater, do not worry … you can just play water at the Bloo Lagoon Beach and guaranteed you will like because of the water conditions Bloo Lagoon Beach are very clean and clear its course, or you can also just hang out at the cafe there here while enjoying his Bloo Lagoon Beach.
just sun bathing while sleeping or while reading books are also not prohibited in this place.

Places Around

In addition, you can visit other tourist attractions such as the Virgin beach, Bali Chocolate Factory, Bukit Asah, Taman Ujung and more inline with Bloo Lagoon Beach.

Bloo Lagoon Beach – Knowlage, Life Existence Under Water And Relaxation Should You Try

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