Japanese Cave


Japanese Cave is located in the hamlet Koripan, Banjarangkan Village, District Banjarangkan, Klungkung. Approximately 6 km from the west City Semarapura, and takes approximately 80 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai when using a motor vehicle and approximately 43 km of distance traveled from the city of Denpasar. Japanese cave is one of attractions located in Klungkung regency. This cave is memories -memories of Japanese heritage and is in a very strategic location made on the cliff wall in the street department-Semarapura Denpasar, on the Bubuh river.


Japanese Cave History

History made of this cave, starting from circa 1941-1942 and serve as a refuge or bangker by Dai Nippon Japanese army in an attempt to defend themselves from attack allied forces during the Second World War. Japanese cave heritage cave consists of 16 holes with a depth of 14 meters, two of which are not related to each other, one is located at the southern end ofthe fruit and the other tip of the north, while the other is connected by a corridor extending north south direction. Circumstances in the dark and damp cave, for those who like a challenge just trying to get inside. Many local and foreign travelers come here to see these Japanese relics

This historical heritage shall be preserved, in memory of the heroes in the colonial period and crueltyromusha, the people who were forced to build Japan’s interests, in which cruelty and occupation of any kind should be eliminated from this earth. For those of you who like the relics of history, seem to have nothing to lose to take a moment to this place, and subsequently trips the tour you can continue to Kerthagosain Klungkung town center which has a history of royal in Bali until colonial rule also Belanda. and the Kamasan village an existing village in Klungkung.

Communities around the cave sites livelihood as farmers, as the development of the current era, there is also work as employees and vendors. With Goa maketh Japan as one of the attractions in Klungkung expected to boost the economy in the area. When you visit Bali, especially to the Klungkung area, japanese cave Heritage is an alternative tourist destination that you should visit.

Japanese Cave

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