Nice Wave At Delod Berawah Beach

Beach Location

Delod Berawah beach located in the village delod Berawah, sub Mendoyo, Jembrana, Bali, Indonesia. To access the beach is very easy because the distance is approximately 2 km from the main road gilimauk-denpasar. If you come from Denpasar area then you will need less than 2 hours away by vehicle. Once you reach the districts Mendoyo left side of the road there is a sign penujuk delod Berawah direction towards the coast.

Along the way to get to this beach location, you will be presented with the natural scenery of rice fields was beautiful. You will witness the activities of the farmers working in the fields. Way to go to the beach location is great because it was paved with very well. After reaching the coastal region delod Berawah then you will be greeted by a statue of a mermaid as icons Berawah delod coast.


Just like in Medewi Beach, waves on the beach delod Berawah very friendly with surfers. It’s just that this beach does not like the beach medewi repercussions that are well known to foreign countries, so that by the time the team visited Long Trip Mania no visible surfing activity performed by surfers from around the world.

Actually attractions beach delod Berawah no less interesting to other beaches in Bali accommodation. Regions with a black sand beach is very beautiful, beautiful and certainly unspoiled. Besides this beach has a very broad field area making it suitable for sport activities such as beach football and volleyball.
Unlike existing medewi beach stone beach is clean of large rocks, so it’s very safe for bathing.

To support tourism activities on the beach delod Berawah Jembrana district government already provides fasilatas-public facilities such as a large parking area, a sitting area to enjoy the beauty of the beach, dining, and lodging. In addition, the local government also provides sea water swimming pool is located on the waterfront called Tirta Ocean Recreation Park Dlod Brawah.

Recreation Park Dlod Brawah Tirta Samudra is a fitting alternative swimming in Bali Private Villa, relaxation perfect choice to swim with sea water off the coast or in the pool that has been made bleak pool facilities for children and arena game, making the comfort and safety traveled more leverage. So it is advisable to swim in a pool of sea water.

Crowd around the beach delod Brawah not only occur during the day, even at night around the beach is decorated with sparkling lights and the sound of music fused with waves coming from the night entertainment places that are around the coast. In addition to beach tourism delod Berawah, Jembrana district also has other interesting sights such as Yeh Leh Beach, Park City Pecangakan, Benel Dams and Dam Palasari. Please take your time to visit the attraction.

Nice Wave At Delod Berawah Beach

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